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Smartphones market, as well as market of tablets and other smart devices, grows dramatically. Frequency of interaction with mobile gadgets already exceeds one’s on PC.

Mobile interfaces and control elements pretty different from traditional devices: Notebooks and PCs. That cause to certain difficulties on planning a mobile app’s concept.  Variety of mobile devices, which access to an application, are so large, that initially raises skepticism on opportunity to technically deal with all of that dozens different screens. However, we can deal with it, we have collected an experience and ready to share it.

We help to understand mobile devices features, that allows you to create a service, that would be comfortable and accustomed to a user. Furthermore, we provide technical solutions to make an application available on over tens different devices. We will help to get to understanding on how to monetise application in a better way, how correctly launch an application in as many application stores and languages as you would like to.

Cards game application “Svin” has developed and launched

It is two months past from the moment when we started to develop a social application for network, which has cards games mechanic, relate to the popular american game UNO, and awesome “pigs” atmosphere. Finally, we got an expected result, project has launched and we might share a few words about how it has done.

02.05.2013 17:51

Social application for World of Gladiators has lanched

In nowadays presence in social networks makes it easy to bring new users in a project and simplify access for current, as well. Furthermore it is decrease outcomes on commerce. Therefore, we decided to develop a social application for our browser-based role-play online game World of Gladiators  to collect all of the benefits written above.

09.04.2011 15:14

(рус) ИгроСтрой самая динамичная игровая компания 2009

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26.04.2010 20:21

(рус) Запустилась наша социальная онлайн игра Лесогорье

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26.04.2010 19:55

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